Lucie Brejšková Ph.D.

Major Research Topic:

I work on transformations of moss Physcomitrella patens producing knock-outs in selected exocyst subunits. I characterized outcoming mutant strains genetically, biochemically and immunologically. Recently I've started to work with another evolutionary interesting model Marchantia polymorpha


Michal Hála Ph.D.

Major Research Topic:

In my profesional work I deal with a role of small GTPases and their regulatory proteins. Small GTPases are proteins which have approximately 300 aminoacids and are involved also in regulation of vesicular traficking. Specialy I work on two regulatory proteins of small GTPases: GAP (GTPase activating protein) and RABGGT (RAB geranyl-geranyl transferase). 

"No offence please but personaly I consider plants more interesting organisms in comparison with others."


Edita Janková Drdová, PhD.

Major Research Topic:

Characterisation of the EXO70s. 





Jiří Luštinec, Doc. RNDr. CSc.

Scientist and senior scientist at the Institute of Experimental Botany / Plant Molecular BiologyCSAV. Head of the research group. 1963 – 1967 employed as an expert of International Atomic Energy Agency (Cambodia, Bangladesh). 2001 – 2007 head of the Department of Plant Physiology (now Experimental Plant Biology).  Tutoringof4 postgraduate students and 7 university undergraduates working for their diplomas. Organized sections or sessions of several symposia at home and abroad. Attended scientific meetings in several countries in Europe and Asia.


Tamara Pečenková Ph.D.


Major Research Topic:

a role for the vesicle tethering complex exocyst in biotic stress of plants


Přemysl Pejchar

Major Research Topic:

phospholipid signalling in plant development and stress responses


Roman Pleskot Ph.D.

Major Research Topic:

phospholipid signalling, plant polar growth, protein-lipid and ions-lipid interactions, molecular dynamics simulations


Martin Potocký Ph.D.

A biochemist after a horizontal transfer to plant biology.

Major Research Topic: 

Membrane lipid signaling in pollen tubes. 



Hana Soukupová Ph.D.

Major Research Topic:

genetical analyses of mutants in components of secretory pathway
I am interested in genetics of Arabidopsis mutants with impaired functions of proteins participating in vesicle transport processes, mainly in respect to interactors of small GTPases. 

If it is necessary I sing to plants.


Lukáš Synek Ph.D.

Major Research Topic: 

The exocyst and its role in the male gametophyte development.