Principal Investigators


Martin Potocký, PhD.

since 2018 - Principal Investigator, Laboratory of Cell Biology, Institute of Experimental Botany, Czech Academy of Science
2012-2018 - Senior researcher, Laboratory of Cell Biology, Institute of Experimental Botany, Czech Academy of Science
2012 - Postdoc, Kost group, Department of Biology, Friedrich-Alexander University Erlangen-Nürnberg
2008-2011 - Postdoc,  Institute of Experimental Botany, Czech Academy of Science
2007 - PhD in Biochemistry, University of Chemical Technology in Prague

RNDr. Viktor Žárský, Csc.

since 1994 - Principal Investigator, Laboratory of Cell Morphogenesis, Depatment of Experimental Plant Biology, Charles University, Prague
1996 - 2018 Principal Investigator, Laboratory of Cell Biology, Institute of Experimental Botany, Czech Academy of Science
1996 - Visiting scientist, Klaus Palme group, Max Planck Institute for Plant Breeding
1991-1994 - Postdoc, Heberle-Bors group, Vienna University
1990 - PhD in Biology, Charles University in Prague

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Lucie Brejšková Ph.D.


I work on transformations of moss Physcomitrella patens producing knock-outs in selected exocyst subunits. I characterized outcoming mutant strains genetically, biochemically and immunologically. Recently I've started to work with another evolutionary interesting model Marchantia polymorpha


Michal Hála Ph.D.


In my profesional work I deal with a role of small GTPases and their regulatory proteins. Small GTPases are proteins which have approximately 300 aminoacids and are involved also in regulation of vesicular traficking. Specialy I work on two regulatory proteins of small GTPases: GAP (GTPase activating protein) and RABGGT (RAB geranyl-geranyl transferase). 

"No offence please but personaly I consider plants more interesting organisms in comparison with others."


Edita Janková Drdová PhD.


Characterisation of the EXO70 isoforms and their developmental roles in Arabidopsis. 


Jiří Luštinec, Doc. RNDr. CSc.


Senior scientist and emeritus professor at the Institute of Experimental Botany / Plant Molecular Biology CSAV. Head of the research group. 1963 – 1967 employed as an expert of International Atomic Energy Agency (Cambodia, Bangladesh). 2001 – 2007 head of the Department of Plant Physiology (now Experimental Plant Biology).  


Tamara Pečenková Ph.D.


a role for the vesicle tethering complex exocyst in biotic stress of plants and unconventional secretion pathway


Přemysl Pejchar PhD.


phospholipid signalling in plant development and stress responses


Hana Soukupová Ph.D.

Research assistant

genetical analyses of mutants in components of secretory pathway
I am interested in genetics of Arabidopsis mutants with impaired functions of proteins participating in vesicle transport processes, mainly in respect to interactors of small GTPases. 


Lukáš Synek Ph.D.


advanced microscopy analyses of plant membrane traffic

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Post Docs


Juraj Sekereš Ph.D.

PostDoc since 2018

I am mainly interested in establishment and regulation of cell polarity and morphogenesis, mainly in the context of membrane trafficking and protein-lipid interactions. My research is mostly focused on targeting of the vesicle tethering complex exocyst to different membrane domains by differential interactions of exocyst EXO70 subunit isoforms with particular membrane lipids


Peter Sabol Ph.D.

PostDoc since 2018

Exocyst role in plant immunity and callose synthases regulation

Antonietta Saccomanno Ph.D.

PostDoc since 2018

The role of exocyst subunits phosphorylation.

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Klára Batystová

PhD Student - currently on maternity leave

I am highly interested in plant secretion research. My diploma thesis supervised by PhD. Michal Hala, is based on a study of a protein complex called “exocyst” in relation to lipids and Rab GTPases. 


Matěj Drs

PhD student since 2019

Stomatal closure and development in the exocyst mutants. 


Samuel Haluška

PhD Student since 2017

Secretory pathway in Physcomitrella patens


Vedrana Markovič 

PhD Student since 2014

Exocyst in autophagy and vacuole membrane organisation. 


Ondřej Novotný

PhD Student since 2018

Identification and characterization of novel phospholipids-binding proteins involved in membrane trafficking

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Andrea Potocká, PhD.

Research assistant


Bc. Jana Šťovíčková


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Jikta Ortmannová, PhD.

Master and later PhD student untill 2018, currently postdoc in Hofius Laboratory at SLU, Uppsala, Sweden

Anamika Rawat, PhD. 

PhD student and postdoc untill 2017, currently postdoc in Hirt Laboratory at KAUST, Saudi Arabia

Roman Pleskot

PhD student 20xx-20yy, postdoc 201x-2017, currently postdoc in Daniël Van Damme Lab, VIB, Belgium

Martina Růžičková, PhD.

PhD student, 2012-2017, currently postdoc in Mike Blatt Lab, Institute of MC&SB, Scotland, UK

Nemanja Vukašinovic, PhD.

PhD student, 2012-2016, currently postdoc in Russinova lab, VIB, Belgium

Matyáš Fendrych, PhD.

PhD student, 2007-2011,  since 2017 Principal Investigator in Laboratory of Cell Growth at Charles university, Prague, Czech Republic

Michael Quentin, PhD.

postdoc, 2002-2005